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Hi-end world music 7CDs
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Hi-end world music 7CDs
Tibetan Sacred Incantations -Hidden Treasure Revealed (each set(Pcs)7CDs)

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Product Introduction

Size : 7CDs

Tibetan Sacred Incantations -Hidden Treasure Revealed is the chanting by 9th Tulku Ogen Rinpoche.


CD collection was nominated for the Best Religious Music Award for 2012 in Taiwan.

Tibetan Sacred Incantations by Ninth Tulku Ogyen Rinpoche contains:

The Six Syllable Mantra, Guru Rinpoche Mantra, Kurukulle Mantra, Guru Yoga Sur Smoke Offering, Guru Prayer and The Vajra Seven-Line Prayer, The Vajra Seven-Line Prayer Sur Smoke Offering, and Tibetan Sacred Incantations.


「Tibetan Sacred lncantations - Hidden Treasure Revcaled」
Touching the deepest secret sound of life that is hidden between heaven and earth.
〝Infinite〞- The world view of the boundless universe
〝hidden universal sound〞- Richen in exquisite and illimitable unrestrained sound.
〝The hidden infinite universal sound〞- Among the endless boundless universe, there lies a world of snow-capped mountain in Tibet called “Shangri-La” resonating the natural sound of universe with heaven and earth.
〝The Infinite Buddha sound〞- The sound of immeasurable power possessed by the Infinite Buddha.
From planning till producing, this album took as long as five years to be finished.
Surrounding the prayers, Tibetan incantations, and smoke sacrifice ritual song by Tulku
Ogyen Rinpoche as the main theme, tuned with World Music, overcome innumerable
unrhythmed challenge, and created to be most accordant with the origin, this album is now
finally able to be handed down for generations.

Guru Rinpoche Mantra

Guru Yoga Mantra

Mani Mantra

The Vajra Seven-Line Mantra

KuruKulle (Love) Mantra